63010015 Blender (Square Jug)
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63020015 Blender (Square Jug w/Sound Enclose)
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63020041 Blender (Square Jug w/Sound Enclose)
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• 20 pre-set programs, of which 4 can be linked to 4 keys on the keypad and the other 16 can be recalled through the menu (all can be programmed)
• 9 programs set in self-learning
• Display to view the programs and machine operation
• Transparent silencing bel available on request
• The square glass has been developed to ideally work with large quantities of ice, even dry
• 2 litre capacity, buşlt out of transparent, indestructible Tritan, can be washed in dishwasher,graduated in litres, UK ans U.S. gallons

• Glass lid in rubber with airtight with cap and graduated glass

• Knife support in stainless steel that can be fully and easily disassembled from the glass body. Knife with 4 spokes obtained from a single mould in tempered cutlery steel, easy to disassemble

• Handy and practical: you can pour the product 3 different direciton

• Perfect to prepare frozen drinks or smoothies with syrups and concen trates

• Multi-point motor puller in stainless steel

Power Source
Jug Capacity
Net Weight
 750W - Hp1
 230V/50-60Hz F+N
 r.p.m. 14.000+24.000
 2 Lt
 5 Kg
      A             B            C            D          E             F            G            H 
 200mm 200mm 485mm 240mm  230mm 535mm 315mm 670mm