63010014 Blender (Round Jug)
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63010040 Blender (Square Jug)
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• Professional mixer designed to cater to the specific requirements of bars, restaurant, cafeterias etc.
• Machine structure in extruded aluminium and sides in ABS with 1 or 2 glasses for the aluminium version and machine structure in stainless steel for the stainless steel version
• Pwerful motor with forced ventilation, for prolonged use and enhanced durability
• Reliable low-noise transmission system in vulcanized rubber
• Magnetic safety micro-switch on glass lid without forced position
• On-off pulse controls with speed variator (standard feature)

• 2 litre capacity, built out of transperent, indestuctible Tritan, can be washed in dishwasher, graduated in litres, UK and U.S. gallons, or 2 litre and 5 litre glass in stainless steel for the five version

• Glass lid in rubber or polyester for Orion Five, both with airtight seal with cap and graduated glass

• Knife support in stainless steel that can be fully and easily disassembled from the glass body

• Knife with 4 spokes obtained from a single mould in tempered cutlery steel, easy to disassemble

Vulcanized rubber gears

Milkshake application


Power Source
Jug Capacity
Net Weight

 750W - Hp1
 230V/50-60Hz F+N
 r.p.m. 14.000+24.000
 2 Lt
 5 Kg
      A             B            C
 200mm 200mm 470mm